Jessie-Rose Music Tuition



What curriculum do you offer?

Jessie-Rose can provide both practical and theory tuition as she believes both are extremely important. Examinations can be completed through AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board). AMEB is recognized Australia wide.
Examinations are optional, although it is recommended that all students sit both theory and practical exams as it gives the students a goal to work towards and a certificate to prove their work afterwards.

What do you cover in your lessons?

Lessons Objectives:

Reading music
Theory (the symbols of music and how to write them)
Aural (note recognition, identifying and playing phrases and chords by ear)
Rhythm & beat
Keyboard harmony (chord playing)
Piano (learning to play piano, concert performance and playing by memory)
Improvement in reading skills

How much are lessons?

Please visit the Bookings & Rates page

What age is a good age to learn?

Once the basics of reading have been mastered, your child is ready for lessons because reading music involves alphabet recognition and the ability to follow the notes across the page from left to right and top to bottom. This is usually between the ages of 5-6 years. Children with unusual musical ability can start earlier, however.
If you are an adult looking for lessons, it’s never too late to start learning!

Do I need to have a piano?

To apply what is learnt and to progress, it is essential that students have some form of keyboard/piano to practise on.

What piano/keyboard should I buy?

This is a complex decision based on a number of factors, including your budget, and there is therefore no single answer. If you are considering purchasing a piano or keyboard, please feel free to speak to your teacher who can give you some general information about the types of pianos/keyboards that are available.

Where do I buy my music books?

Your teacher will inform you which books you require and will be happy to purchase them on your behalf and invoice you for the amount.

Sheet music is usually purchased from the AMEB QLD online music store, Ellaways Music Store or other websites that offer the required music.

How do I register for an exam?

In order to register for an exam,  an Enroller ID is required. The teacher has this ID and will enrol your child in the appropriate AMEB exam if you and your child choose to sit piano exams. Whilst exams are not mandatory, we prefer that students do sit them because it gives them a goal to work towards and a certificate to prove their achievements.