Jessie-Rose Music Tuition

Bookings & Rates


30 minute lesson – $25
45 minute lesson – $35
60 minute lesson – $50

Recommended Lesson Times

Beginner to 2nd Grade standard – 30 minutes
3rd Grade to 5th Grade standard – 45 minutes
6th Grade standard and above – 1 hour

Terms and Conditions

  • All fees are payable in advance by Week 3 of the school term.
  • A late fee of $20 will be incurred by any payments received after the invoice due date.
  • If unable to attend a lesson, please contact via phone (0430 626 382) at least 24 hours prior to lesson time. Whilst every attempt will be made to reschedule another lesson time, it is not guaranteed that a make-up lesson will be available.
  • Lessons cancelled by teacher will be made up or carried forward.
  • Please be punctual to your lessons – no later and no earlier than the agreed lesson time. If you do arrive early, please wait on seating providing until the agreed lesson time before knocking on the door.
  • Refunds on term payments will only be given within the first 3 weeks of the term.
  • Examination entry is by pupil and teacher consent. Final decision to be the opinion of teacher according to standard and suitability and must be accepted by pupil.

Payment Method

Term fees can be deposited directly to:

Account Name: J R Fargnoli
BSB: 484-799
ACC: 003431150
(Surname as reference)
Please quote name or invoice number for reconciliation purposes.